April 2020 Newsletter: Open Water Swimming



April Newsletter
Is It Time To Try Open Water Swimming?
With approximately 99% of the world’s competitive swimming pools closed, now might be the time to explore the possibilities of open water swimming…ocean, bay, rivers, lakes, or quarries. In addition to getting your swimmers back in the water, open water swimming can also add a new dimension to traditional pool training. There is a lot of valuable information available on the internet that you should review if interested. We’ve enclosed a YouTube video that was produced by Paul Newsome of Swim Smooth in Australia. This presentation gives ideas for structuring open water training, ways to measure how you are progressing, and even makes comparisons with your pool workouts. If you decide to give it a try, make “safety” your top priority. Contact your swimming federation and other organizations for the proper protocol and have a support network in place. If open water is not a viable option, those fortunate enough to have backyard or “endless” pools can modify their workouts accordingly and even add some form of “tethered” swimming to the mix. Temperatures vary around the world at this time of year so a wet suit might be recommended. In any case, be creative, think outside the box, and have fun.   
ISCA East Coast Open Water Championships: October 3-4, 2020
(details to follow)
Wayne Goldsmith has been an influential figure in coach education for the past 28 years. He’s worked with professional, college, and Olympic level athletes, coaches, and teams in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., Europe, Asia, and throughout the Pacific. “Coaching Starting Blocks” offers a solid foundation for new and experienced coaches.  
Fluid Mechanics (FM) is an athletic consulting company that takes a unique visual approach to help swimmers develop, achieve, and exceed their goals. They also have an exclusive set of all online training tools that help swimmers train no matter where they are. FM swimmers have competed in every major international competition, including the Olympics, World Championships, and World University Game. Watch and enjoy!
Rod Havriluk is a leading bio-mechanist, author, and speaker in the field of competitive swimming. He is a featured columnist with Swimming World magazine and serves on the ISCA Sports Science. An “Interview with Dr. Rod Havriluk” shares his personal background in swimming and the critical role of sports science in coaching. 
Dick Hannula is a Hall of Fame coach, author, and mentor. “Training – Seen and Unseen” was written 33 years ago (1987) but still rings true today. It deals with unseen factors that usually take place away from the pool…sleep, rest, and nutrition. Additional research on these “unseen factors” will appear in upcoming newsletters.
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