WHOOP: Improve your recovery skills

For coaches, its long been difficult to objectively track an athlete’s rest and recovery. Proper recovery is necessary for peak performance. The WHOOP technology tracks and analyzes a swimmer’s daily Strain, Recovery, and Sleep. Best of all, it’s validated by science.  More sleep has been shown to correlate with faster swimming performance.

“With WHOOP, I can actually score my recovery every night, so I now know the things I’m doing during the day that affects my sleep and recovery.” – Connor Jaeger


The WHOOP Strap slips on to a swimmer’s wrist and collects data from underneath sensors 24/7. It collects over 100MB of data on an athlete per day that is displayed in the WHOOP app. The WHOOP strap collects heart rate, heart rate variability, ambient temperature, and motion.

Your swimmers aren’t just swimmers for two or three hours a day. They are swimmers 24 hours a day. Are poor sleep skills negating all the hard work in the pool? WHOOP’s Sleep Coach helps optimize an athlete’s sleep schedule.

Wondering why Chris is struggling today in practice? Coaches now have insight into each individual athlete’s recovery status. This allows coaches to make better decisions to help aid recovery and avoid injury.

After just 4 months, WHOOP athletes…

  • dedicate an additional 41 minutes of sleep per night
  • reduce resting heart rate by 4.4 beats per minute
  • increase heart rate variability by 8 milliseconds
  • reported injuries 60% less often

Start tracking, analyzing, and improving your recovery skills with WHOOP today!

Thank You, Coach! Bob Gillett passes away.

Legendary swimming coach Bob Gillett, one of ISCA’s Hall of Fame Inductees last year, passed away over the weekend at his home in Arizona. Coach Gillett was the ultimate innovator of dolphin kicking underwater on your side like a fish, a technique used by Olympic Champion, Misty Hyman.

Here are some memories from former swimmers, pupils, and colleagues.

Sad day. Bob was more than just an innovator poolside, he had impact on our sport as a whole. More importantly, he was just a great guy. I will miss our talks. Thanks for your friendship and insights. Rest In Peace – Rich Rogers

Probably the most heart breaking news I’ve received in so long. It was such a blessing to have trained along side possibly one of the best coaches in the U.S. If it wasn’t for him and his coaching skills I would never have made it as far as I did in the swimming world. RIP coach Gillett you will be missed.👼🙌💙 – Erica Stock

One of the all-time greats and a very nice person who helped me tremendously. If you learned how to dolphin kick from me you learned it from him. – John Bradley

The world lost a great man today. Bob Gillett was my swim coach through the most formative years of my athletic career. He was often cantankerous and misunderstood by some, but to those who knew him, he was an amazing and authentic person. He was a master coach, on the cutting edge of his sport. In the pool, and beyond, he was a visionary, a leader, an entrepreneur, an inventor, a father, a husband, and a mentor to many, many young athletes. He was one of the most influential people in my life. I’ll never forget him and the the many lessons he taught me. His passion, his focus, his drive, and his long term vision have all impacted the person I am today. My heart and my thoughts are with his family; wife Kathy, and children Cheryl and Donny. He will be greatly missed by many, especially the thousands of young swimmers who got the privilege to suffer in his pool. You will always be in my heart and in my head pushing me to be better. Rest In peace, Coach. – Dan Querciagrossa