Coach Nico Messer Gives Back

Arguably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, Coach Nico Messer is determined to give back. His constant mission of giving back to the swimming community is inspiring to say the least. Hailing from Switzerland, Coach Nico grew up knowing that he wanted to become a swim coach.

“Swimming has been a big and important part of my life as an athlete. And the last years I had the privilege to make swimming my lifestyle being a full time coach.
While my Age Group and Junior years seemed to have been quite successful, I never made it to the big stage. Swimming in Switzerland is rather small compared to most other places and it’s more than possible to be one of the better athletes when you’re ready to dedicate yourself to the sport and put in the work. Like many other athletes, I was trying to get a fresh perspective and take my swimming to the next level by going to the US and swim in college. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good enough understanding of the importance of this step in my “career” and wasn’t persistent enough when the first few teams on my wishlist turned me down. However, it was also the reason how I ended up in the Florida Keys with The Race Club and gained the swimming experience of a lifetime!
I got to meet, train and become friends with my swimming hero, Gary Hall Jr. as well as many other world class athletes. Everyone there expected me to behave, train and life like a world class athlete. The coaches set extremely high standards and pushed me the same way they would do with the ones that went on to Olympic glory.
Although, I didn’t have enough time to “digest” all of the things I learned and didn’t improve as much as I was aiming at there were two moments that had a huge impact on me. When I failed to reach my goals, Gary Hall Jr. told me that it wouldn’t mean I’m a failure. Not everyone is going to have a medal around his neck. I did provide myself with the opportunity to reach my goals and did day in and day out what many weren’t willing to sacrifice – I was a champion in his mind! The other moment came, when it was time to decide whether to keep going or leave the swimming world. The coaches there at that time, Mark Hill, Jon Olsen, Andy Deichert and Gary Hall Sr., offered me to start coaching and equipped me with the “tools” I needed to be successful at it.
Mark Hill was also the one that inspired me to start PSW. A platform for coaches to share their ideas. A place for all of us to learn from one another and give back to the sport at the same time. PSW grew beyond what I could have imagined and keeps evolving with every coach that joins and becomes a part of it. Hopefully, PSW will one day be a platform that will help improve the value and standing of our profession and daily work. The fact that all this does provide the opportunity to give back to the swimming community, still amazes me most days.” – Coach Nico Messer

Here are some of the organizations and elite athletes that have received support from Pro Swim Workouts’ Mission:


Total donations made with your help: $3’650

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And this doesn’t include the revenue sharing between swim coaches that use his service of connecting professional coaches and sharing insights and workouts!

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