Keeping the team together in the weeks and months ahead is going to be a challenge.

Simply deploy Project-based Engagements Among Your College Club Swim Team Members for inspiration this semester.

Plug-in Meaningful Enrichment from the International Swim Coaches Association.

Enrollment closes at 10 pm on September 22, 2020.


Fall season, 2020, is going to be a bumpy ride with patchwork opportunities for regular swim workouts -- fear not.

Available pool time, extra burdens for gathers and who-knows-what to expect in terms of competitions is going to frustrate a vital sector in our aquatic landscape -- college club swim programs.

Last spring's shut down hurt everyone.

The sting was universal. Then throughout the summer, many were dealing with radical pivots and fits with starts, stops and delays.

Others, sadly, were totally banished from their pools.

Resuming is proving to be more difficult than stopping.

It is easier to quit and give up. Let's reject do-nothing-outlooks. With your energy, we can turn the tide on hopelessness and strive to build our minds and communities this semester.

We can't let the club swimmer at the nation's colleges and universities diminish and struggle.

The International Swim Coaches Association (ISCA) can't give anyone the keys to the pool, but we can work together to insure that the leadership and members of the college club teams don't have to flounder this fall -- like fish out of water. 

This ISCA offer can help turn things around.

You and your campus swim program can take advantage of both physical and mental events. 

  • The mind leads and the body follows.

ISCA is delivering fuel within both realms.

Some of your swimmers might have attended and competed in ISCA Meets in the past. ISCA's Championship Meets, i.e., Senior Showcase events. have been wonderful experiences with nation-wide participation for the past ten years. USA Swimming's club teams have been competing in ISCA Meets from Mission Viejo, California, to St. Petersburg, Florida, and Virginia. 

Of course, the 2020 championship meets in the spring and summer meets were scratched from the calendar,

Two upcoming ISCA events are well suited for college club teams. 

  • International Virtual Run / Swim Meet ends September 30
  • Open Water Swimming, October 4 & 5.

But the best college club interaction opportunity centers upon an invite to jump aboard the grand opening of the Global Library for ISCA Members -- with a special offer.

Get access to the online, Global Library for ISCA Members, with more than 200 lessons, for a dozen teammates.

The ISCA online course, really a full-engagement pledge, can be deployed with your club's swimmers, giving you access to the Global Library for ISCA Members, a suite of more than 200 lessons. These projects can be flipped into crowd-source opportunities. Pick a lesson, noodle about it and make it relevant to your team's issues. Dive in and make edits and enhancements. Offer reflections and punch out the problems of motivation and connections with your teammates. The ISCA library and newsletters can help take your team forward, in productive ways.

Special offer! Enroll now and pay $2 per person.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

We're going to send the individual who signs up their team a printed, swimming, text book. Your book will arrive in the mail. Hopefully, the post office is still going to be operational -- another reason to rush forward! This book details a season's worth of swim practices from a well-known Division I swim program. Use the book for practice ideas and study its framework. But, that book is mainly a thank-you gift for the making the effort to engage.

The real fun resides within the membership group we've created for college club swim teams at You and your teammates each get their own user account to a learning management system with complete access to the 200+ lessons within the Global Library for ISCA Members. 

Within hours, you and your mates will each get an email that provides log-in details for your respective personal accounts. 

There are a few courses in the group and you can surf through them as you wish. And, we're open to making new lessons, topics, quizzes, courses and expanding what's already present. A simple Road Map Course is within the group too. Use what you wish within this collection for centering team discussions in the weeks to come.

Leader gets the delivery of a printed, college, swim workout text book.

Book arrives in the mail to one address. Thanks for organizing your learning group. All risk of the $24 investment evaporates!

Squad of 12 people get access to the Global Library for ISCA Members

Dive into the learning resources within the library, an expanding course, now with 200+ lessons. Acces expires January 12, 2021.

ISCA's Monthly Newsletter

Your squad gets a newsletter subscription, high signal, low noise, via Constant Contact. Access to past newsletters too with articles and interviews from swimming leaders around the world.

Invite and discount to the International Virtual Run / Swim Championships

This virtual event has a $25 entry fee, t-shirt, and rankings with college division. Run a mile for time. Swim too. Save $5 when you use the special link.

Invite and discount to the East Coast Open Water Swimming Championships

Event happens in a beautiful lake venue in Virginia, not too far from the Virginia Tech campus, This event occurs in conjunction and on the same weekend as USA Swimming's Open Water Swimming National Championships for 5K & 10K.

Invite and discount to the International Swim Coaches Association Clinic, pending, April 2021, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Details are pending, but the ISCA Annual Clinic is slated for April 2021. The ISCA Clinic has featured great interactions among scientists, researchers and swimming coaches.

Get 12 people to launch within your learning community.

This offer hinges upon 12 people for your subgroup.

Twelve matters, not eleven or ten, nor more.

Think of the squad in terms of an A, B and a C relay. Or else, gather three relays: Women's, Men's and Co-Ed. Pick your 12, or pick your 24.

Perhaps its first-come-first-served to cap the gathering of your names and emails.

Your 12 can be from a larger cohort if you've got a bigger squad, fine. Gather the individuals who are going to work together with a common goal to provide support and collaboration. 

A learning community theory drives this decision of 12.

The concept of community emerges as an ambiguous term in many social science fields, but hook in 12 to proceed. 

If you must, add a few campus friends who are not currently swimmers. Triathletes, rowers, runners, cyclists and fitness friends can join your mix. Athletes of other sports can find value in the library too. 

Our 12 from Duquesne

Men and Women, 12 of us, from "Club Bluff," Duquesne University's Club Swimmers, at a meet at CMU.

Mark with bullhorn

Mark Rauterkus


Coach Mark, published more than 100 titles, ISCA Webmaster

A rich collection of digital resources are flowing into the Global Library for ISCA Members, and more lessons, books and insights are at the ready. Now we need visitors and a crowd-sourced approach to learning, for the long-term health of aquatics.

Dick Hannula in black-and-white

Dick Hannula

Legacy Resources

Team Culture, Championship Spirit

Dozens of think pieces are in the Global Library giving food for thought from a great high school coach from Tacoma, Washington.

Wayne Goldsmith with microphone

Wayne Goldsmith

Applied Lessons

Wealth of Information from Australia

Wayne's messages to coaches and athletes resonate well with audiences from around the globe. 

Global Library and our Membership Group 

You and your mates get a few different courses and digital goodies.


Technique Section: Strokes, Turns, Starts, Finishes

Lessons, topics and insights on swimming techniques. Paddles and drills are covered too. Lessons are in chunks. Some may find great value.


Science and Research Section

Some of the pointers and studies are more complicated and come from research. ISCA offers a certification process too, with other courses. But these videos and lessons are good for those with an engineering and science background. Food for further investigation.


Management, Masters Swimming, Meals, Team Mentoring

Developmental programs come in many shapes and sizes. Putting together a championship program takes workout design and a host of other elements. Learn from others in their situations and leverage them into your situations.


Coaching Culture

Coaching Champions, making choices, being your best, being square with a philosophy and the traits of a good coach are documented. Toss around the intangibles, goal attainment and a prior section on racing. Let the debates begin.


Training, Exercises, Injury Prevention

Warm ups, USRPT (Ultra Short Race Pace Training), HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Over-distance, Heart Rates and Dry-land talks are all covered. 


Game Play 

Do you know SKWIM? Water Polo. Give lessons? How about offering a little course to kids, Get Your Feet Wet - Swimming. We'll show you what fun can unfold at the pools. 


Let's make some quizzes just for your team!

The learning management systems with ISCA can be used to build simple on-line quizzes for your team.

Identify teammates with a photo matching game.

Uncover school traditions and team records.

Make sure your routines and drills are understood and tested with your team.

Digital utilities created at can be shared among:
your community,

the wider-campus population and

with other college club programs.

Water Safety
Great Lakes Jam

Lifeguards and surf rescue situations are plentiful in places other than the east and west coast. 

A set of video lessons from the Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium are worth exploring. 

Boating, watercraft and family outings are great fun, but only if everyone comes home -- nightmares otherwise.

Let's get our heads around these matters of public health.

Got Stories
Cyber Swim Camp

In the summer of 2020, our traditional Swim & Water Polo Camp with public school students turned into a virtual only setting.

We had 27 days of camp, one-hour every day, and taught swimming from behind our keyboards to 5th graders.

We like to leverage first-person stories to wider perceptions and awareness of our blue planet.

Let's expand our story collection with input from the college club swimmers.

ISCA is looking.

Sports management, coaching, education, researchers and business majors seeking an internship are welcome to consider, apply and work within the nonprofit sector. Make significant progress on new ventures that are connected with swimming, sports, fitness and wellness by getting hired as an intern with the International Swim Coaches Association.

Upgrades -- later gator -- relationships!

If you want to know about paddles, why to use them, or not, and where to get them -- we got you covered. Meet their inventor. 

What about surgical tubing, open water swimming or making the club more appealing to Triathletes. 

Expect monthly Zoom calls or webinars, with our experts on topics you help to dictate.

Mentoring Program, Sign up now if you are an ISCA member
Finis Agility Paddles
College Club Membership Group

Access to the Global ISCA Members Library, Newsletter and Extras



/one time payment for those within the USA



/one time payment for any college / university outside the USA.

  • Access to January 12, 2021
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Emails sent from ISCA
  • Monthly group videos
  • Monthly ISCA Newsletter

Enrollments close on September 22, 2020.


Guarantee, offer evaporates on September 22.

The risk is $24, if in the USA, paid to the International Swim Coaches Association. Extra $10 for shipping if outside the USA.

This low-cost investment is an impulse decision that can make some waves among your college friends. That's what leadership entails.

Sign up now and ask for forgiveness later. 

The 12 in your crew get notified with a welcome email and an invite to the online membership group. No calls. No other fees.

We'll publish your school's name so others know who else has joined.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Pay $24, one time fee, for 12 individuals in a squad, with credit card.

Are the sign-up dates firm?

Yes. This offer evaporates at the designated time. No extensions. Firm deadline.

What are the normal costs?

Regular membership to ISCA costs $75 per year.

How much content is being presented?

As of August, 200 lessons are presented within the main Global Library for ISCA Members. An additional 100 are coming online by December. Additional courses and resources are also presented too.

What about sales to International locations?

International teams are welcome and are able to take advantage of this offer too.

USA locations are charged $24. That includes shipping-and-handling.

Locations outside of the USA pay $34. The extra $10 helps to cover the shipping fees for the printed book.

What does the sign-up process entail?

Beyond the credit card, you'll want to have gathered 12 names and emails so you are ready to fill out the presented forms.

When does the access end?

On January 12, 2021, the membership group for college club participants is going to close. However, some high-energy participants who have been able to bring value to the community are going to be invited to stay connected until July 1, 2021. 

The line line for extending the membership for more active participation is to be determined at a later date. 

Why is ISCA being so generous with this offer?

This year's college club swimmers might one day become professional swim coaches or even keep involved in swimming as a part-time coach in their respective communities. Perhaps some of the college club swimmers will become teachers and coaches. Perhaps some will want to return to swimming and coach as a parent-coach.

What about the discounts for College Club participants for the other ISCA events in 2020?

The specific buy-now codes for the Virtual Swim / Run event and the Open Water Swim events are due soon. Email invites with the discounts are going to be sent to you later. General details are presently public within the ISCA website.

College Club Membership Group

Access to the Global ISCA Members Library, Newsletter and Extras



/one time payment for those within the USA.



/one time payment for any college / university outside the USA.

  • Access to January 12, 2021
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Emails sent from ISCA
  • Monthly group videos
  • Monthly ISCA Newsletter

We'll not see this again.

I've devoted full-time efforts in recent time to the shouldering the the ISCA on-line publishing challenge. We've got resources within a modern delivery system that need to released. No better audience exists. We're going directly to college club swimmers and their squad leaders.

The resulting interactions can make a positive impact upon the future of aquatics.

I volunteer coach with the club team at Duquesne University. I want our team to continue to grow and serve as a fun resource for the students throughout their times in my city.

I've been a college coach for more than ten years. My wife is a professor at Pitt. My older son swam at Swarthmore (D3) and my other son played club water polo at Tulane. I'm aware of campus life challenges. 

Clubs can lean upon this offer. Some of your members are going to thank you for making the connection easy for them.

International Swim Coaches Association

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