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coaching career

ISCA coach certification program

Why get certified?

Keep up with the latest science
and technology in swimming.

Meet and maintain an international professional standard.

Enhance your ability to coach stronger, more competitive swimmers.

Invest in your career
as a professional coach.

Increase your understanding
of basic scientific principles
as they apply to swimming.

Maximize your potential for
promotions or salary increases.

Stand out among peers.

Limit athlete injuries and aid rehab.

Increase visibility of
science in swimming.

how it works:

  1. Register for courses.
  2. Complete required courses for certification.
  3. Earn certification!
  4. Maintain certification with 3 hours of approved continued education each year.

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Certified ISCA Coach (9 hours required)

Course Code Course Name Duration
Biomechanics – B101 Biomechanical Foundations of Swimming (Havriluk) 1 hr
Biomechanics – B102 Checkpoints and Cues for All Four Strokes (Havriluk) 2 hrs
Sport Psychology – SP101 The “Zone” and Mental Training (Heil) 2 hrs
Sport Psychology – SP102 Mental Prep for Swim Racing (Heil) 1 hr
Physiology – P101 Introduction to Physiology and Swimming (Stager) 2 hrs
Physiology – P102 The Role of the Heart, Lungs and Blood (Stager) 1 hr

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B101: Biomechanical Foundations of Swimming

B101: Biomechanical Foundations of Swimming

This course explains the principles of hydrodynamics and biomechanics as they relate to swimming.
SP101: The

SP101: The "Zone" and Mental Training

The historical and theoretical roots of sport psychology, the ‘Zone’ and the 5 Cardinal Skills of Mental Training.
P101: Introduction to Physiology and Swimming

P101: Introduction to Physiology and Swimming

Introduction to several key physiology concepts and their application to the sport of swimming.
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