1.) How do I become a member of ISCA?

Sign up online here to become a member of ISCA today.  Alternatively, you can fill out the Member Application PDF and return it with annual payment via the post to:


International Swim Coaches Association

2721 Brambleton Ave SW

Roanoke, VA 24015


2.) How much does ISCA Membership Cost?

ISCA Membership is $75 USD per year, and valid for one year from the date of purchase. 


3.) What do I get for my ISCA Membership?

ISCA membership entitles a coach to an annual membership in the organization (including an annual e-membership card) as well as access to the ISCA certification program.  Members also receive exclusive discounts with ISCA-affiliate partners and vendors (see examples here), as well as special pricing for ISCA lecture events.


4.) If I become an ISCA Member, does this mean I am an “ISCA Certified-Coach”?

No.  ISCA members have unique certification rights with the organization, but are not automatically certified. 

In order to be an official “ISCA Certified Coach,” a coach-member must achieve the minimum stated requirements—including completion of the science-driven online ISCA Core Education.  See more certification information here.


5.) What does it mean to say a coach is “ISCA Certified?”  Is this special from ISCA Membership?

Beyond membership, ISCA certification provides a unique, two-tier standard (“Shield & Stars”) that clearly recognizes the commitment of a coach to continuous, rigorous, science-based coaching education, as well as his/her achievements in the pool.

The ISCA certification standard may be used to help employers identify exceptional candidates for their team, and also inspire coach-members to keep learning and help their athletes improve.


6.) How can I become an ISCA Certified Coach?

After becoming a member of ISCA, you can get started on becoming an ISCA-Certified Coach by enrolling in the ISCA Core Education (B101, B102, SP101, SP102, P101, P102). 

Once you have successfully completed the ISCA Core, you will be recognized as an ISCA Certified Coach at the first level—the Bronze Shield.  Coaches can also apply for Star Recognition at any time following the completion of the ISCA Core. 


7.) Tell me more about these “Shields” and “Stars”. How do I increase my Certification Level? Where can I find out more about the ISCA Certification program?

Learn more about the ISCA Certification system here.


8.) I currently have another coaching certification under another organization.  Is my level transferable?

Certain elements may be transferable.

The ISCA Core Education must be completed by all ISCA Certified Coaches (no substitutions allowed).  However, ISCA may recognize coaching coursework completed under other institutions for ICE units towards a higher certification Shield.  Please contact certification@swimisca.org for more information.


9.) Do you offer scholarships for the ISCA Membership & ISCA Courses?

We are unable to offer scholarships or financial aid.  We encourage coaches to consult their team or local employer to help support the cost of any coaching education they pursue.


10.) What happens if I am an ISCA Certified Coach and do not renew my ISCA Membership?

Certified coaches are given a 3-month grace period to renew their ISCA membership and maintain their ISCA certification status.  After the grace period lapses, coaches will have to retake their core courses for re-activation of their former status.



Additional Questions? Please email us at info@swimisca.org with if we can help with any questions on ISCA membership or certification.

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