Faster Swimming through Education!


Faster Swimming through Education!
With your membership in the International Swim Coaches Association (ISCA), you will be given the opportunity to contribute and receive an exceptional, science-based education while fostering an international network of professionals defining the future of swimming.
In addition to the membership status of being a part of ISCA, we offer a wide range of additional programs and services. They include information on clinics and workshops, mentoring programs, job placement service, assistance with team and club management, yearly plans including workouts, swim school development, and a line-up of ISCA championship meets. In addition to pool swimming, we are expanding into open water swimming, Paralympics, and other aquatic disciplines.  
ISCA continues to work with the top international sports scientists, coaches, teachers, and aquatic administrators to update and present new technology as it develops. This information will be available through course work, clinics/workshops, articles, research papers, interviews, ISCA library, and interaction between our members. In addition to the core courses listed below, others are in the works.
Take your coaching to the next level by becoming an ISCA certified coach. 
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Applied science for an outstanding coaching career!
This program is an introduction to the application of science to swimming. It is based on both evidence, experience, and is designed to show coaches that science and technology can be used in any swim program with extraordinary results.
Certified Coach (9 hours required) Available in English and Spanish
Biomechanics B101        Biomechanical Foundations of Swimming Technique: 
                                           Applied Physics (Havriluk)                                                          1 hr
Biomechanics B102        Biomechanical Foundations of Swimming Technique:
                                          Basic Technique Elements (Havriluk)                                          2 hr
Sports Psych SP101        The Zone & Sport Psychology (Heil)                                           2 hr
Sports Psych SP102        Mental Training: Psychological Prep for Racing (Heil)              1 hr
Physiology PH101           Introduction to Physiology Applied to Swimming (Stager)       2 hr
Physiology PH102           Understanding the Role of the Heart, Lungs, and Blood (Stager)             
1 hr
Advanced Coach (12 hours required)
Biomechanics B201        Advanced Technique Elements with Analysis and Correction    
                                         Strategies (Havriluk)                                                                        2 hr
*Sports Psych SP201      Goal Setting: The Road Map to Success (Heil)                            2 hr
*Physiology PH201        Advanced Physiology Applied to Swimming (Stager)                  2 hr
*Nutrition N201                 Nutrition Applied to Swimming (Knox)                                        2 hr
*Strength Training ST201  Strength Training for Swimmers (JR)                                        2 hr
*Injury Prevention IP201  Exercise Technique Adjustments for Injury Prevention         2 hr
Expert Coach (12 hours required) 
*Biomechanics B301     Technique Elements for Maximum Velocity (Havriluk)                3 hr
*Sports Psych SP301      Advanced Goad Setting: The Road Map to Success (Heil)       3 hr
*Physiology PH301        Advanced Physiology Applied to Swimming (Stager)                3 hr
*TBD (Elective) E301    TBD                                                                                                   1 hr
*TBD (Elective) E302     TBD                                                                                                  2 hr
*TBD (Elective)E303     TBD                                                                                                   1 hr
*TBD (Elective) E304)   TBD                                                                                                   2 hr
*courses to be developed in 2020
Let us together define the future of swimming!
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