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June 2020 Newsletter
ISCA Virtual Swim/Run International Championships
As the world rebounds and makes plans for the future, here’s a fun way to get started. Participate in ISCA’s Virtual Run Swim International Championships… anytime, anyplace between now and September 30th. Bring your swimmers together and see how they compare with others from around the world. For more information, see details and entry form below.
Wayne Goldsmith: Coaching Confidence
Wayne has been an internationally recognized coach, coach developer, sports scientist, author, speaker, mentor and thought leader in the sport of swimming. Coaches, athletes, parents, and the swimming public would all agree that confidence is an essential element in success: as essential an athletic quality as speed, endurance, skill and technique.
Dick Hannula: Culture???
Coach Hannula is a Hall of Fame coach, past president of ASCA, Olympic team manager, in addition to his success on the pool deck. “This article was written after 64 years of coaching experiences. I always wondered why some teams were consistently or often successful and so many were not. The article offered my ideas to help create a culture that makes success possible.”
Bruce Wigo: Water Polo and Swimming Perfect Combination for an Age Group Swimming
Bruce was a former swimmer and water polo player before becoming the Executive Director of USA Water Polo and later serving as President/CEO of the International Swimming Hall of Fame. His article and video goes back to the time when many of the top swimmers were also water polo players and why revisiting the past might be a benefit today especially with age group swimmers.
Fluid Mechanics: Core of the Stroke
When it comes to fundamental changes to a swimmer’s technique even small adjustments can lead to major breakthroughs. That is why we developed the “Core of the Stroke” workbook. This guide helps coaches develop a high performance foundation for their swimmers, stabilize key areas of their technique, and generate more power so they can swim faster.
Interview with SCSC’s Mark Taliaferro
by Craig Dillingham
Mark recently took over as the interim head coach at the world renown Santa Clara Swim Club. Mark has helped produce many of the USA’s top age group swimmers over the years. The interview was conducted by Craig Dillingham, former businessman, coach, and director of the suc-cessful Pacific Swim Coaches Association Clinic.
Dr. Michael Sachs: One Hour at a Time
Dr. Sachs is a professor in Temple University’s Department of Kinesiology. His article gives insight into John Naber’s mental preparation 4 years out from his epic performance at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Dr. Sachs specializes in the area of exercise psychology and backs it up by as an avid runner and swimmer.
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