May 2020 Newsletter: Meet Wayne Goldsmith



May 2020 Newsletter
Meet Wayne Goldsmith
ISCA’s newest Partner
Wayne Goldsmith (Australia) is the newest member of ISCA’s growing team of coaches and sports scientists. Wayne has contributed to the sport of swimming internationally for the past 29 years. As an educator, Wayne has designed, developed and delivered coach education and training programs in more than 20 countries. Wayne’s articles, books, book chapters, blog posts, and research papers (over 1000 in total) have been published across the swimming world since the early 1990s.
He has been a driving force for change and improvement in coaching and coach development and a passionate leader in the area of swimming science for more than a quarter of a century. He’s delivered FINA Olympic Solidarity clinics in Africa, Asia and the Pacific region and has inspired thousands of swimmers and coaches through his innovative yet simple, practical, and applied approach to training, education and development. 
This is the first of a series of articles and videos… “The Art of Swimming Coaching”.
Rod Havriluk:  Research shows that experts become experts by using deliberate practice. The 2016 ISCS Hall of Fame Coaches Summit presented “Deliberate Practice” which was led by Dr. Rod Havriluk (bio-mechanics) followed by Dr. John Heil (psychology),
JR Rosania (strength training), Dr. John Mullen (physical therapy), and Dr. Sergei Beliaev (physiology). 
Video time 34:39
Dick Hannula is a Hall of Fame coach and a successful manager. He has coached and managed several international teams including the Olympics. He is also one of the most successful high school and club coaches. “Coach or Manager? Coach AND Manager!” states that to be a successful business manager and a successful coach, one must have a clear vision of where you are going. You can’t have one without the other and still count yourself successful.
Swim Schools: Whether its competitive swimming, open water swimming, water polo, artistic swimming, or diving, it all starts with becoming water safe and learning how to swim. Sharing information and ideas in all areas of aquatics is an import part of ISCA’s agenda. We will be sharing information on swim schools in the months to come. So let’s get started with “A Developmental Program: transition from lessons to swim team”. We encourage your feed back and willingness share your thoughts and ideas with us.
Fluid Mechanics: For swimmers, the understanding of hydro dynamics is crucial and can enable an athlete to maximize their performance beyond hard work and dedication. To understand this variable better, Fluid Mechanics uses an innovative approach to give coaches and swimmers an important understanding of the environment they are working in. This methodology helps swimmers reduce water resistance, increase stability, harness propulsive forces, and manipulate water formations to move with greater efficiency.
Open Water Swimming (back by popular demand): The YouTube video on open water training in the April newsletter generated considerable interest. Paul Newsome the head coach at SwimSmooth (Australia), has given us permission to share his “Guide to Open Water Swimming”.
We encourage our membership to discuss and share your ideas and comments.
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