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Just a reminder, tune in TODAY at 3:00 pm PDT for another Swimming Science Podcast
Dr. John Mullen, DPT is a World-renowned expert and speaker in sports training and rehabilitation. He received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at USC, as well as the Josette Antonelli Division Service Scholarship, Order of the Golden Cane, and the Order of Areté. At USC, he also performed research on strength training and rehabilitation. Dr. John has worked with over 30 Olympic and Professional athletes, helping them earn over 15 Olympic medals. He was also the editor of the book Swimming Science  and was named one of the Best 3 Physical Therapists in Santa Clara.
Dr. John Mullen
Swimming Science Podcast: Tuesday 4/07/20 3 pm PDT
The Swimming Science podcast provides vital information for swimmers, swim coaches, swim parents, masters swimmers, and swimming fans. Learn first hand from the top swimming researchers, swim coaches, swimmers, and many more. 
Tuesday 4/7/20 at 3 pm PDT, Dr. John Mullen interviews leading Dr. Andersen, leading research on swimming freestyle bio-mechanics. In this interview, Dr. John and Dr. Anderson discuss his latest study on the shoulder and hip roll at different speeds in National level swimmers
You can join live on Swimming Science here.
Dr. Jordan Andersen
Jordan Andersen recently completed his PhD at the University of Sydney, Australia. Jordan conducts research in Bio-mechanics, Sports Performance, and Motor Control. For his doctoral thesis, he investigated the demands on the torso muscles in freestyle swimming by analyzing underwater electromyography and kinematic data he collected from regional and national level swimmers at the University of Porto, Portugal. Jordan was awarded the 2018 Student Mini Research Grant from the International Society of Bio-mechanics in Sport for his work in Portugal. His current interests include the use of neural networks in bio-mechanical analysis and improvements in 3D modelling of human movement. Jordan is the Manager of the Sydney Bio-mechanics Laboratory at the University of Sydney.
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