Sensible Solution and Investment:

With a second, 70-meter by 25-yard, competition pool, everyone's needs can be satisfied. Growth can occur while continuing to offer access and services. Programs for visitors and locals can expand. 

A second pool with a depth of seven-to-nine-feet provides more lanes. The extra space for more races at the same time allows for more teams and wider scopes for various events. The North Shore Aquatic Complex could host more meets and larger meets while still serving the needs of local citizens who swim. More public swimming opportunities can be presented with the additional space, causing less interruptions for local patrons. 

The present facilities are wonderful, but there is no room for additional aquatics programming.

The recent building expansion and upgrade are well suited and capable of supporting the additional fans and swimmers. But, the pool space is full.

The biggest capacity demands are with the water space.

The root of this proposal and partnership offer is due to competitive swimming and hosting of swim meets. ISCA wants to build a separate, additional pool and grow the opportunities for visitors, especially with meets and training trips.

St. Pete is a familiar swim meet destination for hundreds of swimming teams from around the nation and world.

The expansion can better maximize the facility’s capacity and generate additional community gains. Future spending from consumers and travelers will increase with more people attending and enjoying these events.

ISCA’s leadership provides a sound, safe partnership with a trusted, in-depth service provider that has a proven track record for nearly ten years.

With the expansion, expectations are for a continuation of positive outcomes. ISCA’s expertise and network of events can further flourish the business, management and events side of the facility.

Improve the efficiency, performance.
Enhance the experience
Innovative schedule
Matches the rising demands of competitors, families, coaches and spectators.
Ensure reliable, professional support with direct personal access to our event teams and CEO.
Improve the bottom line with customized marketing and planning services

Building and expansion can benefit:
Parents and children with learn to swim instruction. Let’s diminish the heartache and suffering of drownings, as it is the second major cause of adolescent deaths in most states.

Mending bodies with aquatic therapy, a fast-growing opportunity. Insurance covers some services and the water routines can be an affordable opportunity for improving fitness and leading to a more healthy lifestyle.

Community health and wellness participants embrace water walking, vertical exercises in the pool, swimming laps and body-safe exercise that comes in the water. Some cross-train on the land and in the water. Many turn to aquatics to curb obesity and de-conditioning problems.

Youth involvement with swim teams and clubs with professional instruction sets up life-long activities.

Youth recreation in the pool extends beyond the races of competitive swimming also to address fitness, curtail screen-time, and

Populations with special needs get great benefits with movement in the water.

Family activities. Plays together, stay together. The water offers a setting for all ages.

Aquatic safety programs, a community need to promote safety, health, wellness and good decision making.

Water slides

Fun project and healthy outcomes ahead.

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We'll say, "This is what it is going to cost to do ....."

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Another big advantage that ISCA has with this opportunity with St. Pete ...

Aerial rendering with the new pools

Rendering of new pool in place at St. Petersburg, Florida.

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