Currently, we are expecting to allow an extremely limited number of spectators into the venue.

Spectators will be allowed to enter to watch their swimmer’s race only. Spectators are expected to enter the facility just prior to their swimmer’s race, and to promptly exit the facility as soon as the race is completed.

Spectators will be required to always wear masks properly, all times and, without exception. Mouth and nose must be fully covered. Those with a health issue preventing the proper wear of a mask should plan to watch the live stream outside the facility on their own devices.

Spectators will be required to always maintain 6 feet of social distance.

Rows in the spectator stands are clearly marked “with blue X” and spectators should sit on a X only. 1 family or same household per X.

Spectators are not allowed to sit in seating areas behind the stands, nor are they allowed to bring chairs, cushions, towels, blankets, etc. into the facility. There is no congregating inside the facility.

There is no food or drink allowed into the facility.

Spectators wishing to speak with their swimmer should plan to do so outside the gate and fenced area. Spectators should not interact with swimmers in front of or next to the spectator stands as this causes congestion and violates proper social distance.

The marshals are parent-volunteers who are there to make sure everyone complies with the published guidelines. Please treat them with courtesy.

Those unable to comply with the published safety protocols for any reason should plan to watch the event from outside the venue. Those determined to be non-compliant will be asked to leave the facility immediately and without warning.

Tents and chairs are acceptable outside the fence, but county social distancing requirements must be always adhered to.

It is strongly encouraged that parents set up outside the fence to be able to view the scoreboard and stream the meet on their phones, and then time it to enter the facility just prior to their swimmer’s race.

If everyone complies, there will be plenty of room in the stands and everyone will get to watch their swimmers.

Matt Judkins and Adam Jerger, FloSwimming Broadcasters