“Competitive swimmers don’t do a whole lot to track their performances over time.” – Tristan Lehari

Until now.

If you haven’t seen or used the Triton unit, you are going to want to check it out. The Triton unit sits comfortably on the back of a swimmer’s head and sends real time data to a coach’s tablet.

What kind of data? Every metric possible: stroke count, stroke rate, speed, distance per stroke, turn time, and time underwater. Check out TritonWear’s race analysis of Caeleb Dressel’s 100 Fly from World Champs or Kylie Masse’s World Record 100 Backstroke.

Stroke count and stroke rate are so critically important in swimming. Here is what Bob Gillett said at least year’s clinic:

“This is what swimming’s all about. We call it the essence of swimming. For coaches and swimmer’s, it’s the essence of life. This is what it’s all about. This is the meaning of life. It’s a concept you must understand.”

TritonWear allows a coach to access the data of all their swimmers simultaneously. It puts the “essence of swimming” into the palm of your hand, allowing you to provide instant feedback to swimmers. If your goal stroke rate is 1.2 cycles per second, you’ll want to train at 1.2 cycles per second. That’s deliberate practice at its best. TritonWear easily disseminates this information throughout each and every swim practice automatically.

“Using technology like this really keeps the swimmers engaged in their day to day training and keeps them focused on their performance. We do a set of best average 50’s every Monday night. I can tag all those workouts and pull them all up and evaluate apples-to-apples on a week-to-week basis and watch their progress.” – Kevin Anderson, Head Coach of Mississauga Swimming

Take your swimmers to the next level. Visit https://tritonwear.com/ and request a demo today!


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