Updating & Upgrading Your ISCA Certification

The ISCA Certification System (“Shields & Stars”) aims to standardize and celebrate the achievements of modern swim coaches, rewarding them not only for their athletes’ performances, but for a demonstrated commitment to modern coaching education and their efforts to becoming, day-by-day, year-by-year, a better coach.

In order to receive certification, coaches must maintain their ISCA membership annually and agree to the ISCA Code of PracticePlease note that only ISCA members can be certified coaches.  Member coaches can also apply for certification updates by filling out the appropriate online forms and submitting them to certification@swimisca.org.  Coaches will receive an ISCA e-certificate and updated e-membership card with successful certification review. (Hard copy membership cards and certificates are available for a small processing fee).


(Showcasing Experience & Commitment to Learning)


Education Requirement

Member Affiliate Years




 BRONZE Coach Shield

ISCA Core Education

(Automatic 45 Credits)

Plus  Star Recognition

SILVER Coach Shield

75 ICE Units 

1.5 Years Of Standing ISCA Membership

Plus  Star Recognition

GOLD Coach Shield

150 ICE Units


3.5 Years Of Standing ISCA Membership

Plus  Star Recognition

PLATINUM Coach Shield

    230 ICE Units


  6 Years Of Standing ISCA Membership

Plus  Star Recognition


(Showcasing Performance)

Coaches can also be recognized with five different add-on “stars” to their certification shield based on their coaching accomplishments and swimmers’ performance.  For example:

“Drowning Prevention”

(DP) Star

Certified Lifeguard or Water Safety Instructor.

(D) Star

Primary Developmental Head Coach or Swim School Supervisor.
“Age Group”

(AG) Star

Primary Coach with 5000 FINA points in a season using 15 individual swimmers (aged 13 & Under) in one event each.

(S) Star

Primary Coach with 14,000 FINA points in a season using 10 individual swimmers in up to two events each

(L) Star

Primary coach of an Olympic swimmer with a 900+ point swim, or 16,200 FINA points in one season using 10 individual swimmers in up to two events each.
Questions?  Please contact us at certification@swimisca.org.
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