educational videos

Educational Videos

The ISCA Education Portal course catalog includes video from the entire 2017 Hall of Fame Clinic. After registering on the portal, the 1-2 hour sessions may be purchased separately or as a bundle for significant savings.

The Evolution of the Science of Swimming

The Evolution of the Science of Swimming

A history of the science of swimming with Dr. Joel Stager, Director of the Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming.

Round table with Legends

Round table with Legends

Q&A session with coaching legends Mark Schubert (Mission Viejo Nadadores) and Jim Richardson (Wolverines Swim Camp). *This session is only available with purchase of the Complete 2017 Clinic.

Fostering Olympians from 8-18

Fostering Olympians from 8-18

A panel of experienced coaches discusses building strong developmental foundations for future success at the elite level.

2017 Hall of Fame Coaches Clinic
Video Series

SAVE over 40% on the 2017 Complete Hall of Fame Coaches Clinic! Get all 10 sessions of the 2017 Hall of Fame Coaches Clinic, plus two bonus sessions not available for sale individually (Roundtable with the Legends – Coach Jim Richardson and Mark Schubert, and the Hall of Fame Induction Dinner).

  • Evolution of the Science of Swimming, Dr. Joel Stager, Physiologist, Director Doc Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming
  • Age Group Development, Miriam Lynch, Diversity in Aquatics, Leigh Ann Fetter-Witt, Greater Nebraska Swim Team, and Alicia Kendig, USOC Sr Sport Dietitian
  • Building a Culture that Breeds Fast Swimming, Neal Studd, Head Coach Florida State University Swimming and Diving
  • Philosophies on Coaching Sprinters, Brian Schrader, Head Coach University of Denver and Matt Kredich, Head Coach University of Tennessee
  • Fostering Olympians from Age 8-18, Sue Chen (Jack Conger), Nation’s Capital Swim Club, David Krotiak (Kevin Cordes), Head Coach Fox Valley Swimming, Dudley Duncan (Whitney Hedgepath), Head Coach Quest Swimming, Ron Aitkin (Cody Miller), Head Coach Sandpipers of Nevada, Mike Ashmore, Head Coach Santa Maria Swim Club
  • Moneyball for Swimming, John Heil, Sports Psychologist, Dr. Rod Havriluk, Biomechanics, Dr. Joel Stager, Physiologist, and Kathleen Prindle, Head Coach Performance Aquatics
  • Seasonal Planning and Energy Zone Training, Jim Richardson, Wolverines Swim Camp and Tom Rushton, the Energy Standard
  • Shoulder Injuries… How to Prevent Them, Dr. Tiffany Bohan, Team Doctor at University of Missouri Swimming & Diving
  • Stop Neglecting Your Own Health, Coach, Alicia Kendig, USOC Sr Sport Dietitian
  • Training Methodologies, Dudley Duncan, Head Coach Quest Swimming, Tom Rushton, the Energy Standard, Neal Studd, Head Coach Florida State University Swimming and Diving
  • EXCLUSIVE Hall of Fame Induction Dinner – Coaches Dudley Duncan and Mark Schubert are inducted to the ISCA Hall of Fame (full clinic only)
  • EXCLUSIVE Roundtable with the Legends, Jim Richardson, Wolverines Swim Camp, Mark Schubert, Mission Viejo Swim Club (full clinic only)

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