Weekly Swimming Round-Up


Each week we aggregate recent swimming journals and blog posts relating to swimming biomechanics, physiology, nutrition, psychology, etc. If you wish to add, please add an article to the weekly swimming round-up in the comments section.

Journal Round-up

  1. A Strategy for Improving Regional Sport Performance.

Blog Round-up

  1. Placebos and Performance with Dr. Ramzy Ross
  2. SSP 006: Dryland, Injury Prevention, Recovery, and Much More with Keenan Robinson
  3. Lean Body Mass Predicts Sprint Success in Youth Swimmers
  4. Stretching the Limits of Human Performance With Michael Joyner
  5. Heart Rate Variability and Sprint Performance
  6. Why Do People’s Knees Cave Inward When They Squat?
  7. Notes from Mike Bottom ASCA lecture (Putting Together a Championship Team): Part I

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