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A Special Message From Our Friends At Commit Swimming
Hi Coach,
This email is part of a larger effort by Commit Swimming to be transparent around their business practices. This effort is designed to help entrepreneurs within the swimming community to find inspiration to make the sport better. 
Have you ever found it impossible to cancel a subscription? Sometimes it’s a cable company, sometimes it’s a gym, and sometimes it’s a software provider. As a customer, this is very frustrating. And, as a business, this is bad business practice. Not just ethically, we truly believe that making it difficult for someone who doesn’t want to pay you to stop paying you hurts your business bottom line.
Have you ever paid for a service that you don’t use, only to try to get a refund right after you saw the charge hit your bill? How many times do you get it? If you don’t, as a customer, you feel annoyed. And, as a business, again this is bad business practice. Refusing to refund someone for something that they didn’t use and accidentally kept on a subscription will hurt the business in the long run.
So, at Commit two things are true about cancellations and refunds.
Easy Cancellations
You can cancel with the click of 1 button + 1 confirmation message. No need to email in. No need to call in. No need to speak to anyone. No extensive survey at the end to try to get you to stay on for a discount. And, most importantly, no scaring you into staying by saying “data will be deleted”. Your data will always be there if you decide to come back. We aren’t a prison, trying to hold onto your subscription at all costs. If you find value in our product, great! Pay us and you can use it! If you want to leave, no problem! We hope to see you again but no hard feelings if we don’t. 
The practices around making it confusing to cancel a subscription have gotten way out of hand. It’s just not right.
No Question Refunds
If you ask Commit for a refund, you’ll get it. Period. Even if it’s months and months after the subscription fee. If you weren’t using the product and didn’t realize you were still being charged, you get a refund. 
Business doesn’t have to be so cut throat and hard as to squeeze money from your customers by making it hard to cancel and hard to get refunds. Real businesses grow by offering real value to customers in exchange for real money at a strong margin. That’s it. Tricks should not be needed.
Your friends at ISCA
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