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The International Swim Coaches Association, ISCA, is an organization of swim coaches and performance experts dedicated to connecting the science of swimming fast to coaches around the world. 

For more than twenty years, ISCA has been growing in size with hopes of creating a faster and more efficient swimming community.

ISCA currently hosts a multitude of swim meets every season, utilizing some of the top facilities in the nation to ensure that swimmers have the fastest and most memorable meet they can. The top destination for ISCA meets has been St. Petersburg.

Annual ISCA meets held at the North Shore Aquatic Complex in St. Petersburg, Florida, include:

  1. In March, the Senior Cup.
  2. In April, the East Elite Showcase Classic.
  3. In July, the Summer Senior Blast.
  4. In August, the Summer Elite Showcase

ISCA President, Doug Fonder, expresses his excitement about the St. Petersburg pool location for good reason: The facility is a 10 lane, 50-meter pool with a detached 10 lane 25-meter warm up pool, held at a constant temperature of 79 degrees. Furthermore, this pool boasts a new scoreboard and sits right on Tampa Bay at Vinoy Park. St. Petersburg’s weather is great for swimming outdoors, particularly in March and April, with the additional bonus of fresh air quality.

ISCA’s newest competitive creation, the X Splash Games. 

The X Splash, a two-day event, is designed as a fun way to practice racing while emphasizing the importance of every event and distance. It invites developing swimmers to compete in a variety of land and water events, expanding the athletic demands of swimmers. The X represents the number 10, as the competition serves as a swimmer’s version of a decathlon with three out-of-water events, one kicking event and six swimming events. The three land events – pull ups, dips, and vertical jumps – were determined to be the most crucial exercises for swimmers’ strength. These events were also picked because they can be measured and replicated in the exact manner at any site with the proper parameters. The swimming events include different stroke and IM races, including a 25-yard freestyle for every age group.

X splash logo design winner

More ISCA Events

  • The West Elite Showcase Classic, build off of the Florida events, began in 2019 in California.
  • ISCA hosts Open Water championship in September in Virginia.
  • ISCA hosts multiple coaching summits throughout the year, often in Clearwater, Florida, in 2018, 2019 and 2020,
  • ISCA is working with the Eastern States Clinic in the fall, Central States Clinic in the spring and another clinic hosted with the International Swimming Hall of Fame in September in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Hall of Fame Logo, clipped

History of Meets

ISCA Meets at the North Shore Pool in St. Pete:

  • Dolfin ISCA Junior Championship Cup - 3/21/2017 to 3/25/2017
  • ISCA Summer Senior Championships, 8/2 to 8/5, 2017
  • ISCA / NASA TYR Elite Showcase Classic, 3/28 to 3/31, 2018
  • ISCA Summer Senior Championship Meet, 7/31 to 8/4, 2018
  • ISCA TYR Junior National Championship Meet, 3/26 to 3/30, 2019
  • Elite Showcase Classic Swimming Championships, 4/10 to 4/13, 2019
  • Summer Senior Championship Invitational, 7/30 to 8/1, 2019
  • TYR International Junior Cup, 3/24 to 3/28, 2020
  • ISCA Elite Showcase Classic, 4/8 to 4/11, 2020
  • TYR International Senior Cup, 7/28 to 8/1, 2020

Star athletes have come to the ISCA Meets and set national records. Local swimmers from St. Pete have also been able to excel in the ISCA events as well.

Breaking an age-group, national record in the North Shore Pool

Other Meets at the North Shore Pool in St. Petersburg

  • FHSAA 4A District 6, hosted by Palm Harbor University High School, 10/28, 2017, with 283 athletes and 9 teams
  • FHSAA 4A Region 2, hosted by Countryside High School, 11/4, 2017 with 835 athletes an 29 teams
  • (Not a comprehensive list)

ISCA Meets at other locations, not in St. Pete:

  •  NASA/ISCA Elite Showcase Classic in Clearwater, Florida (April 5-8, 2017)
  • ISCA TYR Junior National Championship Cup, 3/20 to 3/24, 2019 in Lynchburg, Virginia
  • East Coast Open Water Championship, Smith Mountain, Virginia, 9/22, 2019
  • TYR International Elite Showcase WEST, Mission Viejo, California, 2/14 to 2/17, 2020
  • TYR East Coast Open Water Championships, Smith Mountain, Virginia, 9/26 to 9/27, 2020
Links to some meet results:

2017 Dolfin ISCA Junior Championship Cup - 3/21/2017 to 3/25/2017

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Junior National Championship logo

The ISCA hosted, St. Pete Meet, International Junior Cup

East Elite Showcase logo

Meet logo from the past.