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If interested in attending an ISCA competition, then send in your interest form so you can be added to our event-specific announcement list. The interest form is not a registration confirmation. To see confirmed teams for each event, follow the individual event pages and see the section called, Teams Attending.

Virtual International Championships Swim Run 2020 (logo)
Open Water Swim Venue

Virtual Swim Run International Championship

Summer 2020

Starting now and going to September 30, 2020. Details on the event page.

East Coast Open Water Championships

October 3 & 4, 2020

Join us at this ISCA event as participants from every age group swim a beautiful lake venue, Smith Mountain Lake, in Virginia.



Greetings Coaches and Teams,

Thank you for helping us carry out a fantastic ISCA-TYR Meet Circuit in 2019. We have been overwhelmed by your support and the growth of our performance events in 2019. We especially thank those teams who have been attending our events fastidiously over the years. You have helped us create an event platform that is both highly competitive and provides a great experience to our athletes—Thank you!

 We are currently exploring ways to improve and expand our competition meets (including evaluating the feasibility of adding a second competition site for our preliminary sessions) . In the meantime, to ensure a high quality experience for our athletes, starting in 2020 we will be accepting team reservations for ISCA-TYR meets on a tiered basis.  Tiers—comprised of “points”--will be awarded to teams based on “ISCA Seniority” or historic attendance/enrollment in ISCA programming. The higher tiers will then will be given prioritized registration access to event registration.  Points will be allocated as follows:

  • 2 x Points for full staff attendance at the ISCA Hall of Fame Summit
  • 1 x Point for single coach attendance at the ISCA Hall Of Fame Summit
  • 1 x Point for coaching staff membership as ISCA Member-Coaches
  • 1 x Point for team attendance at the TYR International Junior Cup
  • 1 x Point for team attendance at the TYR Elite Showcase East
  • 1 x Point for Team attendance at the TYR International Senior Cup
  • 1 x Point for Team attendance at the TYR ISCA Open Water Championships -East

 (Points for brand-sponsored events, such as the West Elite Showcase and forthcoming ISCA X-Splash, may be awarded on a case-by-case basis.)

  •  TIER 1 - 6+ Points
  • TIER 2 - 5 Points
  • TIER 3 - 4 Points
  • TIER 4 - 3 Points
  • TIER 5 - 2 Points

 In September 2019, an event declaration email will be sent asking tiered teams to declare their attendance at the coming years’ events. (The deposit for athlete fees will be due approximately 3 month prior to each event.) Once an event is full, teams will be placed on the wait list.  Then, after the deadline for deposits has passed, open places will be allocated first to any teams remaining on the wait list, and then on a first-come, first-serve basis to any late teams. 

We believe this will better provide organized competition for athletes, and help our teams and staff plan for the season. For any questions, please email our team directly at . Thank you, and wishing great health to all our teams, coaches, and athletes this summer.


Doug Fonder

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