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Sharpen Your Mental Game in the New Year with Swim Sport Psychology‘s Specialized Training Guides!
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Mental Prep For Swim Racing
Summary: Mental Prep for Swim Racing is a Sport Psychology mental training routine which prepares the swimmer for race day competition. It has two components:
  1. The Swim Racing Mental Training Program (MultiMedia) – an audio-guided, video-enhanced mental training exercise, and
  2. The Mental Prep for Swim Racing Guide Book (pdf) – An overview descibing the theory and methods used in constructing the Mental Training Program
Psychology of Sport Injury
Summary: Because injury can be a psychologically disruptive experience, recovery is not complete until the athlete is mentally ready for return to play. This text presents an applied guide to the psychology of sport injury that is practical, comprehensive, and systematic. There are 19 chapters spanning a broad range of medical and psychological perspectives – three written by physicians, and one each by a pharmacologist, an athlete, and a sports medicine specialist. 
Swim Sport Psychology develops training materials designed to systematically prepare the athlete for a competition environment that demands maximal effort, with attention to pacing and precise technical execution, pain & fatigue tolerance, and for a long duration race day which requires optimal recovery. 
Swim Sport Psychology is led by Dr. John Heil, ISCA Sport Science Board member. Dr Heil is an internationally known Sport & Clinical Psychologist. He works with Olympic, professional and developing athletes, and has consulted at 3 Olympic Games. He is former President of the American Psychological Association Society for Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology.
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