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How to Train Your Swimmers When They Can’t Be In the Pool
Swimmers and coaches around the world have temporarily lost their ability to train in water. Fluid Mechanics has exclusive ONLINE training tools that allow your swimmers to take advantage of their time and keep them motivated.
These tools help your swimmers set goals, prepare for next season, provide them with video guidance from FM Experts, and give them lifelike avatars to visualize the proper technique for each stroke. In order to get started, simply have your swimmer register on the Fluid Mechanics website and start improving today.
3 Great Tools to Help your Swimmers When They Are Out of the Pool
FM Time Zone includes 3 unique tools that will help your swimmers set goals, pace their races and measure their progress.
FM Discovery Center is a virtual wealth of knowledge that will transform the way your swimmers view the sport.
FM Avatars provide a unique visual learning experience that help your swimmers learn the science of swimming.
Give us a call if you have any questions about these complimentary tools!
Fluid Mechanics
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