Individuals in the Open Water Festival

  • Lynne Bresler from NC
  • Audessa Vaught from MD
  • Margaret Bisnett from VA
  • Kim Eckert from VA in the 5k-paddleboard-race
  • Andrea Bussler from MD
  • Gabby Milam from VA
  • Emma Parcell from VA
  • Hannah White from VA
  • Shawn Gage from NC
  • Augusta Wood from VA
  • Amy Whitescarver from NC
  • Harrison Higginbotham from VA
  • Kayla Hannon from MA
  • Tenely Hardifer from VA
  • Kristina Celentano from VA
  • Jaylen Smith from VA
  • Beth Cook from VA
  • Tenely Hardifer from VA
ISCA's 2022 Open Water Festival logo
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