New Pool Specs

The grounds adjacent to the existing pool have plenty of space to allow for the building of an additional pool.

The new, proposed, additional pools, 50-meters by 25-yards and 25-yards by 20-yards, can be nestled within the complex. The new pool would sit on the front lawn space. The existing front-gate entry can be utilized. The existing locker areas are well positioned too, sitting between the pools.

The trends, opinions and research for this expansion are being delivered from top aquatic leaders that understand the North Shore Aquatic Complex. 

The ISCA leadership has already established close relationships with the City of St. Petersburg. Just as high-performing athletes work closely with high-performance coaches, a top facility and competitive venue, such as the North Shore Aquatic Complex, can flourish when synchronized with the the sports coaching leaders and event hosts.

Front yard of St. Petersburg North Shore Aquatic Center

Front lawn of the aquatic center has room for expansion and can accommodate the additional pools.

Pool entry

Pool entry and buildings remain the same.

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Doug Fonder

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This area is a big field.....

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Building a 50-meter by 25-yard pool with depth of 7-to-9 feet for swimming portion and a 25-yard by 20-yard diving and water polo pool with a 16-foot depth.

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Main purpose: This is going to be more of a training pool....

Technical PDF of the pool in a PDF file, 16-pages


Providing ideal water temperature of 79-to-80-degrees Fahrenheit requires a pool blanket at night and the installation and operation of specialized units – Symbiont Ph-215-TT-RV GeoThermal Pool Heating/Cooling Units (3 phase) – costing $435,000, contingent upon easy access without obstructions.

Expert geothermal projections from Terry Cicchella, a pool heating consultant with Symbiont Serve Corp, ( calls for the 50-meter pool to include seven units and the 70-meter pool, ten units, given less wind on the new pool than on the existing pool.

Included allowances include $50,000 for 1,000-feet of 6-inch boring. Perhaps some money can be saved by having the city do the boring work, as done with the existing pool.

Estimates don’t include contractor mark-ups, given that the work happens for the city.

  • Pool blankets for winters
  • Municipal permits
  • Access without obstructions for installing geothermal units
Pool blankets on deck

Expertise resides with both the ISCA leadership and within the City of St. Pete.

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