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ISCA Mentoring Program

The ISCA mentoring program offers a wide range of opportunities to learn from top international coaches, athletes, and sports scientists.  This is available for all ISCA coaches and their swimmers, parents, or administrators.  

The format is flexible and can be tailored to your particular needs.

  • Remote real-time sessions:  Mentor coach conducts session with coaches via Zoom, SKYPE, Facetime, conference calls, other platforms.
  • Pre-recorded Swim Forums:  Podcasts, Webinars, and other internet sessions.
  • Private/Workshops:  Mentor coach travels to run one-on-one session with coach.  May also include their swimmers, parents, or administrators. 
  • Training Camps:  Mentor coach travels to work with your team or your team travels to work with mentor coach’s team.
  • ISCA Competitions: Run sessions for coaches, and/or their swimmers, and/or their parents.
  • ISCA Hall of Fame Summit:  the ISCA Summit offers the opportunity to attend lectures, panel discussions, and meet informally with many of the world’s top coaches and sports scientists.

For more information, please respond with the following information. 

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