ISCA Hall of Fame Coaches Summit

The ISCA Hall of Fame Coaches Summit is an educational clinic for swim coaches and teachers from any country, organization or group. 

Speakers of varied backgrounds (NCAA coaches, club coaches, sport scientists and more) will present applicable information and answer questions. Several social events will also be scheduled throughout the week for networking opportunities.

Next Coaches Summit

  • The ISCA Hall of Fame Coaches Summit is slated for April 2021.
  • More details in June or July 2020.

Past ISCA Hall of Fame Coaches' Summit

  • 2019 Event Program, help at the Hilton Clearwater Beach in Florida from August 26 to 30, 2019.
  • Registration fees for the conference was $375 for members and $400 for non-members. 
  • The Hall of Fame Banquet Ticket, extra $50.

Some of the previous topics and panels included:


In a sport where every hundredth of a second counts, sprint knowledge is essential. In a two-part panel format, speakers will share their experience working with sprinters and answer audience questions, as well as questions from coaches around the world.


Coaching for distance and open water events poses unique challenges. Speakers will discuss training, competition management, season planning, recovery and more in a two-part panel format. The session will wrap up with Q&A, responding to questions from the audience and online submissions.


Age group season planning has many different elements to consider–and age group coaches must also assess physical and mental development factors. The age group panel will discuss concepts relevant to addressing these factors and how to plan a complete season for 8&u through age group seniors. Per usual, audience and pre-submitted questions will be answered in the Q&A portion.


Leading swimmers to push their athletic capabilities to the point of fatigue is something coaches do every day. Our sport science panel is going to break down the science behind fatigue in swimming. They will discuss ways to limit fatigue, how it relates to recovery, and physiological factors that every coach must be conscious of. They will also talk about how a training program can be adjusted to account for technique changes that normally occur with fatigue.

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