Call for presentations at the ISCA Hall of Fame Coaches Summit

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Calling for presentation proposals by coaches and scientists that explain the application of scientific concepts to swim training and performance.

Include science-based information that a coach can immediately apply to his or her swimmers to improve performance.
  • Discussion of the application of a scientific concept during training with performance outcomes.
  • Summary of research findings with strategies to implement during training.

Sample topics may be:

  • Elements of the Athlete Development Model
  • Training Intensity vs. Training Distance
  • Deliberate Practice Strategies, and
  • Index of Coordination

Proposal Submission Tips:

  • The title should describe the content.
  • Description of the value and significance of the topic to coaches.
  • List of objectives and summary of content.
  • Three or fewer presenters. (Provide names, affiliation, and email address for each).
  • English language.

ISCA is calling for scientific proposals for its swimming coaches summit.

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