Car & Van Rentals


Budget, Avis  

Get your rental cars, or vans, from the ISCA sponsored outlets: Budget and Avis

Use either of these corporate codes to save some money on the car or van rentals:

  • Avis Worldwide Discount AWDT184300
  • Budget Corporate Discount BO28600


Product Details

Budget Corporate Discount BCD# BO28600

Budget logo


Product Details

Avis Worldwide Discount #AWDT184300

Avis logo


The more these codes are used for the respective rentals, the greater the discounts in the future. 

  • ISCA does not make any money on the rentals.
  • ISCA has negotiated for corporate discounts. That discount rate is reflected upon the total spending in the corporate account. 
  • Use the corporate account for your car and van rentals regardless of destination, purpose, travel use, whatever.  
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