Swim Coach Staffing Solutions launch, January 2020


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Swim Coach Staffing Solutions logo

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry- Swim Coach Staffing Solutions

The International Swim Coaches Association announced a new department in 2020 to help swim teams connect with the best coaches and staff for their programs!

ISCA's Swim Coach Staffing Solutions launched in 2020 and operates as a specialized department dedicated to swim programs' successes.

We recognize that swim teams face unique and complex challenges--from limited pool space to specific training methodology. Our goal is to help connect programs with the best coaches and solutions for their specific needs.

Swim Coach Staffing Solutions will work with teams to identify their program needs and fill vacancies (on both a temporary and/or permanent basis). They will also represent coaches to hiring teams, including candidate review and final contract negotiations.

As we prepare to launch this service, we ask interested coaches to follow the link below and complete the online questionnaire. All responses will be kept strictly confidential. When coaching opportunities open that match your criteria, priorities, and/or experience, you may be confidentially contacted by us to become informed and see if you wish to pursue this opportunity. Our aim is to allow coaches and teams more time and privacy to evaluate new opportunities in their career.

Coaches, thank you for your commitment to our sport.

For questions, please email dougfonder@gmail.com or swimcoachstaffingsolutions@yahoo.com.

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