ISCA Special Pricing on Dr. Ernie Maglischo’s “A Primer for Swimming Coaches” Complete Set


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The International Swim Coaches Association (ISCA) has teamed up with NOVA Publishers to offer coaches unprecedented access to Dr. Ernest "Ernie" Maglischo's rare 2-book manual set:

A Primer For Swimming Coaches

For just $140.00 (a Savings of Up To $235 Off The List Price!)

Erinie's books, A Primer.

The special price of $140.00 includes both Volume 1: Physiological Foundations and Volume 2: Biomechanical Foundations (price applies to hardcover sets and softcover sets while supplies last).

To purchase, please click the button below and add only A Primer For Swimming Coaches Volume 1: Physiological Foundations to your cart, as well as the special 2-book promo code Primer140 at checkout. 

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For questions and independent verification off this offer, please email Alexandra at Nova Publishers at

Please add only Volume 1 to your shopping cart to purchase the complete set. Although Volume 2 does not appear in the cart, the code "Primer 140" designates purchase of the complete set--inlcuding both Volume 1: Physiological Foundations and Volume 2: Biomechanical Foundations--from Nova Publishers.

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In this two-volume set, Dr. Ernest "Ernie" Maglischo shares what he has learned over the course of his celebrated career. Written 12 years after his Swimming Faster series, Primer is a collection of Maglischo's most recent research (including how new revelations and advances in molecular biology can help us understand and plan our training sessions). This book set is an excellent resource for coaches and athletes looking to improve their knowledge of the modern scientific aspects of training.


A legendary scientist and coach in the sport, Dr. Ernie Maglischo has revolutionized how swim coaches train their athletes. Maglischo's Swimming Faster series has been standard reading for coaches for over 40 years. His most recent series, A Primer for Swimming Coaches, builds upon his previous work and is an invaluable resource for coaches and athletes looking to apply more effective stroke mechanics in their training.

Doctor Ernie Maglischo at ISCA Clinic, 2019
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