Limited time offer: Join with a friend and pull the rest of the staff along for $150.


New Coaches Need Enrichment so as to offer More Effective Support

Every team and every facility seems to be hiring assistant coaches. The labor shortage is real. Lifeguards are in short supply. So are swim coaches. 

The need to get new people into roles as swim coaches is pressing like never before. 

Becoming an employee is one step. Becoming an effective coach, leader, program steward and motivator of a squad of youngsters is another, and ISCA wants to help. 

Annual Membership, 2 gets 10, $150

Limited time offer.

Many head coaches are ISCA Members. Let's spread the benefits.

A head coach that joins ISCA can now, for a limited time, extend his or her membership, include an age-group coach as well, and spread the ISCA Membership to eight additional people in your program. Yes, up to 10 people can get memberships to ISCA when you invest in two memberships. 

Joining ISCA includes access to the Global Library for ISCA Members, a course in our Learning Management System at That resource is worth 10-or-more text books on swimming. With more than 200 lessons, it offers hours of insightful knowledge that can be discovered by way of a search bar, finding what you are looking for quickly. 

Let's train the new coaches with a modern resource that can be explored by independent learners. Let's get the new coaches well rounded perspectives on how to become better leaders.

Sign up for the ISCA Spring 2022 meets, and see this offer as you make your team reservation.

After you have signed up, you'll be able to gather the names and emails of those you want to include in follow-up communications with 

2 gets 10


This limited offer comes on the wake of special sponsorship between ISCA and the webcasting of the PIAA District 7 Swimming Championships of 2021. The Trib Live High School Sports Network provided the coverage of the meet, as is the typical case, but in 2021, no spectators were permitted to attend. The ISCA promotional offer that event for those teams of the WPIAL has expired, but this offer is similar and extends world-wide and is associated with the promotion of the sign-up process for the ISCA Championship Meets slated for the spring of 2022.

CEO and Head Coach of the JETS signed up his team's coaching staff with this offer!

Follow along with your staff too, as we take a pathway through the many lessons in the Global Library for ISCA Members. Enrichment is around the corner, with this affordable investment.

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